Patricia Yaker Ekall

Patricia is a journalist and photographer based in London, UK. She enjoys working as Artistic Director at Grace Ekall, (her mother's eponymous fashion label) where she takes charge of the branding. This includes curating all visual content, as well as managing the events, blogging, press and social media aspects of co-running a new fashion company. 

Patricia started working in the creative industries at an early age, developing her voice and eye as she learned on the job. So using what she's learned to support her mother as a couture designer was a natural progression - and practically inevitable! Some of her other projects include writing, photographing commercially and being Deputy Editor at XXY Magazine after finishing a six-month stint as the International Editor at Raine magazine.

Patricia trained her creative eye through documenting her endeavours as a fledgling writer on View Avenue, her personal blog, which went on to have a life of its own. It even garnered international interest with a States-side publication - Belladonna Magazine - naming Patricia as their cover star for spring 2017. Another form of recognition came at the end of 2016, when Patricia was listed among a group of brilliant young creatives as one of Bristol's 24 Most Influential People Under 24.

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