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At 18, I was fortunate to be given an internship with my mother’s couture company. She’d watched me start to pursue a fashion journalism career and was impressed with my blog so she offered me a spot as a fledgling team member. I accompanied her in meetings with textiles technicians and atelier managers, watched her negotiate with local (UK) factory owners and the like. Little did I know that with all that watching, I was taking stock of the industry I would go on to work in.

Fast forward two years and my mother’s fallen sick again and is unable to travel — not even to London. By then we’d attracted quite a bit of interest from buyers and were about to sign a five-year contract with a Norwegian e-tailer. A meeting had been set up in London: a lunch, followed by the signing of contracts. My mother couldn’t go, so I had to. I’ll spare you the details but, needless to say, I was nervous; felt like there was a lot riding on the meeting going well. Fortunately, it did and the contracts were signed. We were ready to go!

Hence the editorial in this post. It was just a simple look-book shoot, nothing too out there, but it was led by yours truly. (My mother was the true lead but she trusted me with the creative stuff.) So I put my all into that 'shoot, from concept to team management. Understated though it is, I’m quite proud of it not just for its aesthetic quality but for the work we all put into it.

Here are some of my favourite photos.

The team

Photographer: Rinaldo Sata Videographer: Eleonora Cristin Hair & Makeup: Miabella Ristorp Model: Erika Sadunaite Creative Director: Patricia Yaker Ekall Founder & Designer: Grace Ekall

Yaker Ekall