A Quick Twirl

Good morning everyone. Thank you for joining me here, despite the fact that it's a Monday... It's just a quick post today, as I'd just like to share a new look I shot with Remco Merbis in Clifton Village. Pre-shoot, we had coffee (or in my case, Moroccan mint tea) from The Boston Tea Party. Come shooting time, however, I (ever the cosmopolitan) wanted to be 'real' and refused to get rid of my cup for the shoot. So there it is, an outfit post à la realist. Pardon the deafening two week silence, by the way. I have been chasing a story for a while and have recently done an interview with a very inspiring woman. This is all dandy until you realise that a 2,500 word article needs to materialise from all of that chasing, brunching and overthinking. Of course, I will share any news here and I look forward to reading your thoughts.

Now, the outfit: this is the look I threw together - an homage to my Reiss days - when we were location scouting for the other concepts. I love that full skirts have come back into fashion as it gives me an opportunity to be fun and girlish from time to time. Okay, all of the time. The skirt I am wearing is by far a favourite garment of mine for the summer, so don't be surprised if you see it here again soon...

Until next time. x