Attempts at Strobing


Strobing. The new contouring according to Kim K and her #squad. No, I am not that girl. The Insta girl with all the cheekbones and the nails and the eyelashes. But. I am going to wear more makeup. Sometimes. I'm at least going to make an attempt to understand it. I thought a safe place to start would be strobing, since it's summer. The technique seems to be the low-key version of, well, you know. I applied my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in mocha, as usual. Then I followed with a lick (or three) of Chantecaille mascara and some frantic kohl-liner brushwork on the brows. Normally I would've simply opted for bronze-ish eyeshadow to experiment with my 'strobing technique.' But, thanks to the lovely ladies at Bath In Fashion, a brilliant highlighting product was included in our swag. It's  Chantecaille's Liquid Lumiere illuminator and it's gorgeous. I mixed some with my tinted moisturizer and gingerly spread it over the top of my cheekbones into my temple. I added a little on my brow bone, a glimmer on the bridge of my nose, a dot on my chin and a subtle fan between my eyebrows.

On my lips, I started with the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream lip balm. I followed with the Kiko precision lip pencil (in 314). I then patted a little Beauty Is Life lip tint in the center of my lips and finished by covering that with a NYX butter gloss in 'tiramisu.' All this effort for a glorified no-makeup-makeup look I could've accomplished with a bit of coconut oil...

I was happy with the results, even though they were a little shy on camera! I particularly loved the Chantecaille products as they deliver a clean and fresh aesthetic. When done right. Since it seems the afternoon sun gave me a helping hand, let's just call my take on strobing "subtle." 

Strobing view avenue Patricia Yaker Ekall


Btw, this is a leotard. Just because. :) xx