British Designers: Rose Wooderson


I met British designer Rose Wooderson during the Coldharbour collaboration, where she'd sat patiently watching as we ran around blitzing through her exquisite collection. Her collection, an Elizabethan Winter Wedding, was used as one of the exclusive set for the editorial. Rose had just graduated with a BA Hons in fashion and textiles design from Northbrook University. Just back from a successful show at Graduate FashionWeek, Rose was thrilled to have been plucked out from the crowd by renowned stylist Sue Fyfe-Williams. A calming influence amidst the frenzy of the multi-creative, multi-faceted 'shoot on Coldharbour road, Rose had seemed wise, strong but kind. We resolved to stay in touch (if only via Instagram), which lead to her lending me an item from her (practically couture) graduate collection: a lengthened tutu of sorts, white, floaty and ideal for movement.

I loved wearing this outfit at Fashion Week - it was so playful, cute and full of interesting combinations.That day, I had chosen to attend the event in head-to-toe designer and it's amazing to see that Rose's piece was the show stopper among giants. I cannot wait to see what she does next.

Thank you, Rose. xx

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