I stayed at Cannizaro House, Wimbledon, this time last year. It was the first hotel review I ever got to do, and I was able to bring my mother. Delighted doesn't begin to cover how I felt. It meant a lot that I had been invited by this legendary hotel, a nod to my little blog's growing success in the eyes of the public and of those 'in industry.' To be honest, I felt like I had arrived, joining the big girls in the blogosphere. I expected things to come more easily to me as a blogger. For negotiations to fall in my favour, for brands and hotels to come running. I grew bolder in my pursuit of content - approaching as many people as I was approached by, if not more. I slowly stopped seeing what the point of this blog was,  not for others, but for me. It took a couple of knock backs to realise that my blog didn't exist for the sake of "bigger and better". My mother, when she suggested I start blogging, told me to use it as an informal CV for creative ventures instead of a storage space for exam results. View Avenue began as a space for celebrating creativity. I documented what is now popularly dubbed 'street style' fashion, mostly spontaneously taking photographs of strangers going about their business or my friends at lunch time. Due to the fact that my mother was a designer, I also had an opportunity to share behind the scene images of her photo shoots. It wasn't until somebody else dubbed me a 'Lifestyle' blogger that I realised what View Avenue was - had always been in the back of my mind. I knew what I wanted the blog to represent, I just never stopped to define it. And in a way, I am happy things happened that way. This first experience of luxury hotel reviewing was thrilling, yes, but it has since taught me a lot about what I need to do to achieve my goals: continue to be myself, pushing through to see results not for the box-ticking nature of doing so, but because of my curiosity in the subject matter.

What are you ambitously curious about?

Photography: Pedro Antunes