Citizen Cashmere: Black


I am so happy to share this collaboration with you. A couple of months ago, Parisian brand Citizen Cashmere hired me to create a look book for their luxury turtlenecks in black, red, grey and white. I was asked to be the creative director...and then it was revealed to me that I'd also be modelling the looks! I'd never taken on a hybrid of creative roles all at once before, but I was willing to give it my all. John Barwood took the photos, with Clifton serving as a pretty backdrop to these timeless pieces. The editorial was Bristol's answer to Parisian chic, if you will! This isn't the first time I've collaborated with the gorgeous, ethically conscious brand before. Last year, I was gifted a twin hoodie and sweat pants combination, ideal for use as lounge wear in Babington House. I know how luxurious and soft the fabric feels, as it got me through winter of 2015 in comfort and style.

This ensemble was about that spring morning, when the coffee is calling but the day is shaping up to be so beautiful that you buy some flowers. I was going for feminine and effortless, but still sophisticated. I would definitely wear this out and about in said situation, especially somewhere like Paris. The skirt was light and frilly, the jumper warm and elegant. The little heels and head band gave it a Manhattan touch, a vibe I was looking to emulate for this look.

Black suits everybody, which is why there is something so breezy about wearing it. It makes for minimum fuss, with great results. I hope you all like this ensemble, which John put together beautifully. Stay tuned for the other three colours...

Tricia xx