Coldharbour Road


This time last year, a collaboration between local businesses and talented photographers took place. I remember shyly asking if I could share the results on my own blog, but holding back when the time came to do so. It was exactly a year ago. I look so young! My face is slightly rounder, my expression lacking in confidence. But then again, back then I was a whole year older than my first ever editorial for Stefanel, where I felt confident, happy and fierce - and looked it. So, perhaps mood affects results after all...

Being the only black model there, there had been the inevitable hair drama. (White, suburban hair and makeup professionals who had zero experience in dealing with black models had trouble with my 'Afro' features.) Admittedly, the hullabaloo caused a bit of tension, but I tried not to let it get to me. It was interesting to see which photographers I immediately clicked with and which were all work and not so much fun. It was daunting at first: five photographers, six locations and completely different outfits! Through this setup, however, I found out how to change tact with my level of professionalism, my ability to take in direction versus leading the story and my patience when faced with unanticipated issues. It was all part of a learning curve. In fact, the things I learned about myself that day have stayed with me since.

I'm proud to have worked with local businesses like Rainmaker Gallery. Noted artist Nocona Burgess was hanging in the backdrop to some of my photos, which in my opinion elevated the editorial. I hadn't begun my work with the gallery at that point, but the place already felt like home. I am so glad to be part of the Rainmaker family, but I digress. The editorial was featured in Clifton (now Bristol) Life magazine. It was my third time in the magazine and I'm ashamed to say I didn't grab a copy of this one either!

Anyway, I'm happy to finally share some of the photos from the shoot with you. I hope you dig. xx

**Thank you to Sue Fyfe-Williams and all the creatives of Coldharbour road for bringing us together.**










Although I was wearing more makeup than I prefer to wear, I loved the drama of this ensemble.  The colours brought out by Dominika in the image to the left are wonderfully ethereal. I look like a creature locked away, looking beyond to a world I used to inhabit and wish to return to. 



Photographers: Steve Lee; Simon Burgess, Dominika Scheibinger; Andy Manns and Steve Davies

Hair and makeup: Jenny Davis (a darling); K109 Hair stylists

Models: Moi, Millie Teresa, Penelope Gwen (both pictured) & Charlotte Felski.

Companies: Rainmaker Gallery; Heart Space studios; Keith James Physiotherapy; Green Woods Furniture.