Dining at Cannizaro House


We sampled a drink or two at the bar after the afternoon's photo-shoot. I had a tame berry mojito, which I didn't regret because it was super tasty and refreshing. It was so lovely to talk over drinks and the atmosphere provided a great backdrop for allowing ideas to form. Once we were done with the drinks, room service was ordered for mum while Pedro and I had a meeting over dinner. The food was lovely, but that's a given with a callibre such as the one at Cannizaro's. It may not, however, be to everyone's liking, as I found that it was as artistic in taste as it was in style. Thus some of the dishes may have been an acquired taste, although I still enjoyed the experience. I had an entree of grilled, half shelled Queenie scallops, with guanciale pancetta, lemon and garlic. I was feeling adventurous. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was delicious. My scallops were sprinkled with crisp bacon shreds to balance out that citrus-taste of the lemon and there were also delightful portions of grape fruit. It was a great start to an evening of glamorous stomach-filling. To follow, I had the Cornish bass, with artichoke, charred chalot, cep (whatever that is..) and mushroom ketchup. This dish was definitely worth the try, but not one I would recommend if you like hearty food, because it was very light (several of the ingredients were pureed - for a heightened sense of flavour, I'm going to guess...). The bass was cooked, as the pros say, to perfection and tasted beautiful. Dessert was my favourite dish, one I wish I could replicate at home, but there is no way I'd ever be able to recreate something on that scale. Ah well, I guess I'll just have to go back. But I'm rambling. I had the 'Coconut' dessert, which consisted of pina colada parfait, passion fruit, mango, coconut rum jelly and matcha tea. As lovely as Pedro's images are, they can not translate exactly how gorgeous this tasted - you'd simply have to try it for yourselves. Besides which, they were served on slates. Next level.

The following morning's breakfast was so so delightful! When mum and I trudged downstairs we were immediately awoken by the site of the grounds that the restaurant's floor-to-ceiling windows boasted. We soaked it all in with bowls of fresh fruit. To follow that welcome, we had a choice of being 'continental' (hot toast with pastries, natural yoghurt, honey and seasonal fruit), 'European' (a selection of continental sliced meats and cheeses) or 'extravagant' (one word: bubbles). Mother, of course, reverted to her old Parisian ways, while I opted for the Cannizaro Full English. Honestly the best breakfast I've had in a while. The ambiance only added to the subtle buzz of feeling like you were in the middle of the quiet woodland, being catered to by kind, patient and helpful staff. I'm not only going to recommend a visit to Cannizaro House to you all, I'm also going to book myself in for a special break. Maybe I'll see you there.

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