Hattitude I like a good hat. When the leaves start to fall, the wind hastens its speed and the sun warms up, I know that there's nothing like a good fedora to accompany the aesthetic romanticism that autumn brings. I found this camel coloured beauty in a charity shop in an adorable suburban neighbourhood. It was £5. It's a snug fit and with it I have only the use of my trusty right eyeball - but it's worth it. I know that I will be keeping this one for as long as I possibly can, with the smug knowledge of its inter-seasonal abilities...

Hats are a great finishing touch to any outfit. Cut, shaped and coloured into their own personalities, they often emit a subtle kind of attitude. They frame your face, after all.

I chose to pair this hat with a simple black dress, long and cut on the bias with a dipping back, to accentuate the hat's flair. I teamed it with my favourite necklace, as well as a smidge of pearl-friendly accessorising. This outfit was great to wear for an afternoon's wandering, although I could also have added a cropped jacket to the look. But the base of the ensemble was the hat and, sometimes, that's the best place to start.