Le Luxe, Cosy

To say these garments are cosy would be an understatement. They are, by far, the most comfortable clothes I'v ever worn - and they also look great. Although I could get away with wearing them as 'casual wear,' I prefer to keep their glory to myself and only ever use them for lounge wear. As you know, I am a magpie to any brand that provides consumers with well-priced, elegant designs. Citizen Cashmere and View Avenue first came together on Instagram, the both of us continually 'liking' and commenting on each other's photos. So when they suggested a collaboration, I was more than pleased at the opportunity for us to work together. Soon after, they sent me the Zip Hoodie and the oh-so-snug Lounge Pants. The garments were beautifully packaged, giving me a sense of uncovering something special. What was even more special, however, was discovering just how ethically conscious Citizen Cashmere is. The Parisian brand is stocked via their own online store, they own their own farm and have their own in-house designers to create looks that are truly luxurious but miraculously affordable. With their goats being 100% hand combed and living naturally on the farm to an old age, no animals are hurt or mistreated during production. Moreover, the use of their own factory means the possibility of unfair labour in far-flung lands is out of the question. This means a lot to me, especially with the Fashion Revolution month fast approaching (more on this later), I have been thinking a lot about #whomademyclothes. Citizen Cashmere does not disappoint, as demonstrated in their 'About Us' page.

I'd had this outfit for 4 months when we took a few shots during our stay at Babington House, the ambiance of the Somerset estate serving as the perfect backdrop to show off the clothes in their best light - which, by the way, is morning light! So wrapped up and warm was I that I almost wandered out of my room to explore the house and the grounds in lounge wear! Not that it would have mattered, because if there's one thing Parisians know how to do, its make anything, any style, look effortlessly chic. To feel simultaneously relaxed, like a million dollars, stylish and at ease is a real treat for me - one that I get to experience every time I put on my Citizen Cashmenre lounge pants and zip hoodie. The company's founder, Roger Guanine, explains the lure and charm that is attributed to Citizen Cashmere's success:

"Our clients often ask how our quality can be so high when our prices are so low. It's simple. My factory already makes the cashmere knitwear for many of the same high priced brands you know and love. Because we don't have the costs of a retail store, we can bring you hand finished, high-quality French style---shipped to you for free-- at an unbelievable price..."

Quotation from www.citizencashmere.com

This behind-the-scenes video shows the brand hard at work to bring us current, effortless and beautiful designs that are utterly, gloriously, guilt-free. Thank you so much to Citizen Casmere for this gift and to Babibington House for the stay. I can confidently state that I'll be a loyal friend and customer to both entities. 

With love,

Tricia. X


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