Little White Dress

I have previously shown this dress in another setting - really, this entire outfit - but I wanted to share a couple of the studio shots too. This outfit means something to me, because each of these three items mark a milestone of sorts. The necklace is a century-old treasure from my culture, which actually was created as a belt, but my mother (innovator that she is) turned it into a choker to be used in performances and photoshoots. It feels awesome to proudly wear something so old and cherished, regardless of whether its style has transcended cultures and is now officially 'trendy' as an item within the fashion industry or not. Beauty, after all, is beauty and I think that's all that matters. So I would probably wear this to complete (or make) an outfit - even if the tribal trend had failed to kick in around the mid-naughties... The scarf, too, is special. It was probably the first of my mother's original creations in this luxurious Devoré style, which is obviously so elegant and edgy at the same time. I (occasional brat/thief that I am) now have several of these, but I can still remember the sense of pride I felt when I was allowed to pose with it and how grown-up it made me feel. Now, my mother has a whole range - some of which were used in her recent showcase at the Chelsea Spring Fling. Aside from scarves, she creates beautiful couture garments. I am almost smug about witnessing their growth, from inception to completion, although I admit that I find her scarves easier to get away with on a daily basis.

The dress holds a special significance for me, because it was the first gifted item I received from a brand, which I keenly posted and shared with you all last year. It came from Angel Eye London, whose trust and kindness was a pleasant surprise to me, a novice in the world of blogging. I still love their collections and it seems I am not the only one, as their pretty dresses have been spotted on the likes of Cara Delevigne and boasted in top British magazines like Tatler. Be it in autumn/winter or in the chirpier seasons of spring and summer, I still wear - and love - this dress.