Passion fruit & Blueberry Chia Dessert Pot


My Natural yoghurt, chai seeds, passion fruit and blueberry start to the day. I've always been into healthy food, but lately I've truly realised the importance of a nourishing and healthy breakfast. I'm not going to bore you with the details of the endless benefits, all I will say is that I've noticed a real difference in energy since I started to make a real effort to wake up early and break the 8-hour fast. Today I'm sharing one of my favourite brekky recipes: a natural yoghurt, chai seeds, passion fruit and blueberry concoction. This is my own version, of course when making your own, feel free to temper the recipe to your personal tastes. Enjoy. :)

You will need: One Skyr yoghurt, a shot of chai seeds, one large passion fruit, a handful of blueberries, half a teaspoon of honey, one Vida Glow sachet (optional).

  1. Heat some hot water for your morning tea or coffee.
  2. Use about a teaspoon of the hot water and add some honey to taste.
  3. Drop in a few blueberries and be liberal about making them cosy (squash them!).
  4. In your Skyr pot, mix in a chai shot. If you have it, also toss in the Vida Glow. Stir well...
  5. Drop the yoghurt mix into your warm blueberry-honey (think of it as a faux compote!).
  6. Drop a handful of blueberries into the pot, can be frozen or fresh.
  7. Add the last dollop of the yoghurt and drop a couple of blueberries to finish.
  8. Finally, decorate the yoghurt pot with a ridiculous inedible garnish of your choosing - I went for the mint because of the pretty smell - and snap for social media!

Enjoy this healthy breakfast with a good cup of tea - and a pastry if you're particularly peckish.