Soft & Golden


The season of chunky, well, everything is here. It is a cliché, but there's something about this time of year that makes me want to bundle up in cozy fabrics. Less common to the masses is the equally desperate desire to do so in style. Enter Citizen Cashmere, a brand I have been wearing for over a year now. They sent me a couple of gorgeous pieces to wear for the winter. To be honest, at first a part of me was worried it would be too similar to the previous items. Too similar, in short, to take up your time writing about the importance of staying warm during the colder months. Again.

But the pieces I unwrapped (oh, what joy!) were simply beautiful, making this all too easy for me. The first was their Long Cardigan in Grey. The material was plush with a kind of thickness that only knitwear of the highest quality can have. And I don't just mean this from a stylist's perspective: my love of this brand's collections is always magnified by their commitment to ethical trading practices. Check out their website to find out all about how meticulously they respect our world and it's creatures.

I chose to shoot this look myself because I was chasing that golden hour again. It's my favourite time to shoot. The moment just between light and dark, when the sun glimmers a timid 'hello' when rising or 'goodbye' when setting, is exquisite. That moment is made all the more special by how fleetingly its radiance lingers. Granted, the grey of the cardigan and the misty orange of the setting sun didn't scream 'match made in heaven.' Something told me to go for it anyway. While I'd initially thought the hue wouldn't be true to the garment's natural colour, I remembered that I was trying to create a moment, not a catalogue. So this may not be a typical #OutfitOfTheDay style post, but then again Citizen Cashmere is worth more than a day's attention. It's a staple for all the wintry months to come.

Post done in collaboration with Citizen Cashmere. Photos taken by me.










Thank you Citizen Cashmere for the lovely gift. Dress: Christopher Kane; Boots: Topshop (Vintage, second hand); bag: Paco Rabanne; earrings and necklace: Swarovski; ring: Rainmaker Gallery.