Stefanel AW14, Look 1


Hello you gorgeous lot! As some of you regular View Avenue readers may have noticed, it's been a while since the last post...and the blog's appearance has had a small do-over. With all of the amazing people and brands I have started to collaborate with, I thought it would only be fitting to find a new look. It is, after all, that time of the year (September or, in other words, January for anyone fashion or academia conscious), when everything is renewed and 'fresh starts' are a must for many of us. So, too, with this blog. Moving things around within the skeleton of the blog was pretty intimidating at first, but I find that it is always a good thing to challenge yourself. If you do, the results may prove to be worth it! And what better way to start afresh than by collaborating with a brand that I have a great deal of respect for? The inspiring people at Stefanel were kind enough to sponsor me for this collaboration, which involved me and one of their lovely girls, Carolina, running up and down the Kings Road like beautifully clad maniacs - trying to work to a tight schedule, with varying locations and outfit changes. We decided to go for a concept that is very much Stefanel's ethos: the cosmopolitan woman, who is constantly on-the-go with little time for lengthy preening or tottering. A woman who is confident enough to make the most of her natural beauty and prefers the comfort that comes with matching a great over-sized knitted jumper with snug trousers and fuss-free flats to achieve an effortlessly elegant look. When choosing an outfit, sometimes all I care about is whether I'll be able to last the day without breaking into an unnecessary sweat because I'm too tangled up in my slinky new 'It' top. I have to admit that, at times, it feels like as women we are offered two options and can only choose one side: natural and comfortable, (but frumpy) or chic and sexy, (but painful). It can be hard to find fashion brands that strive to accomplish a balance of both, as in: their celebration of natural beauty makes for a chic ensemble and their intelligent use of materials, shapes and cuts afford us the kind of femininity that doesn't have us crashing out at the end of a busy day. Stefanel, with its Italian heritage and family-based values, achieves just this.

And thus I will be bringing you guys my take on the latest looks from Stefanel's Autumn/Winter Collection over the next few weeks, with all the information you might want to know about them. It was so exciting to work with such a great team of Stylists, makeup artists and my lovely, shiny, new photographer whose images positively glow, Pedro. Why don't you guys hop across the virtual road to Pedro Antunes territory, where he showcases his portfolio with considerable style and spice? In the mean time, I hope you enjoy the images.

Patricia x

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Photography: Pedro Antunes