Stripes of Another Eight

I have worn these high waisted pin stripe trousers to death. They are flattering and comfortable - and can be paired with almost any look. I am talking about the Leo trousers, from new London-based fashion collective Another Eight.  Every time I visit their website, something ends up in the 'bagging' area. Even if I don't purchase it straightaway, I leave it there, knowing I'll come back to it when appropriate. There are very few brands I do that with. They'll likely be featured more than once on this blog, and Another Eight are sure to be among them. Describing themselves as "basing [their] design and price point at the bridge between premium high-street and often unattainable designer," they are a brand that are attainable, as well as being ethical and exquisitely beautiful. I particularly love the tops, it's one of my first pit stops on the e-shop. From crop tops to effortless camisoles, you'd be spoiled for choice regardless of the occasion: from day wear to party, it's all covered. The brand seems to champion the minimalist aesthetic, with accents of geometric prints that flow through out the collection. Curious to know what I am about to purchase? Watch out for the next post about Another Eight and find out. In the meantime, if you'd like to know more about them click here.

Until next time,

Tricia x