The Tour at Cannizaro


This is the reason I decided to split the review of Cannizaro House into four parts. Pedro's images are worth the seperate attention. This post is going to be about the tour that we were given around the illustrious rooms at the Wimbledon estate. On arrival, we only had a few moments to freshen up (and by 'we' I mean the straighteners and me) before we were invited to start our tour downstairs. From conference rooms to ball rooms, we were shown just how versatile the facilities at Cannizaro House can be. The rooms tended to be elegantly decorated, with elaborate wallpapers and and plush carpeting - at once classic yet modern, particularly in the placement of the soft furnishings, which showed that the minimalist style can pull of classic flourishes. I took a look around the Oak Room, a place that eluded to a by-gone era where the wig-and-pearls combination was the look du jour. It was a charming delight to play around the room, pretending I knew the gentlemen posing on the walls, acting as though we were all old friends unexpectedly crossing paths.

There was also one heck of a landing upstairs, where you could sit to rest before taking a few extra steps to your own idol-christened room (ours was Tim Henman). From there I was able to admire the outstanding architecture of the floor below; from the entrance, to the bar, to the lounge area and even a glimpse of the enchanting outside through generous floor-to-ceiling windows. As well as the various rooms, there is also a bar, - dipped in fluorescent mint hues in the evening - as well as an award-winning restaurant and an orangery, which opened this summer - much to the delight of visitors just looking for a light brunch and relaxed al fresco style dining. I will tell you more about the dining experience at Cannizaro House in the next post, but for now please enjoy the images provided by Pedro Antunes, that captured the romantic elegance and hinted decadence of a Cannizaro ball room.

Until the next post...

Patricia x

Photography: Pedro Antunes

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