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I am so happy to share these fantastic images by Pedro Antunes with you guys. As they are the last installment to my work with Stefanel, Italy, I feel that they need to be extra special and I certainly feel that the brand's latest collection is done justice in this series of fantastic shots. Other Stefanel-friendly posts can be found via the links at the bottom of this post. Please feel free to write in and let me know your opinions or simply which your favourite look was. The shoot was located in a quiet neighbourhood near the store, which afforded the perfect backdrop to this elegant look. This Maxi dress with pleated inserts (£260) comes from Stefanel's evening wear collection for this Autumn/Winter season and can be found on the website, along with all of the other pieces you may have seen on here. It's an elegant look, done in an effortless way: it may be evening wear, even black tie attire, but it is not in any shape or form high maintenance. The dress is a simple silhouette of soft black satin and chiffon. Although it's a strapless, its versatility allows it to be worn with a strappy... undergarment. I chose to pair this look with their Lapin and knitted jacket, which was so silky smooth to the touch and comfortable to wear that it was, shamefully, almost easy to forget the source of such comfort... The fact that it is £390 does not help, but I never like to criticize others for their personal choices - so if this is something you're into, then who am I to judge?! I do, however, believe that some things are worth the investment, like this Long mohair waistcoat. Sometimes the reasons behind the cost of garments have little to do with brand names and celebrities (contrary to popular belief) and more to do with quality. For example, I would rather save up and spend a little bit extra for something that will keep than keep buying the same copycat pieces at short intervals, because in the long run this would probably cost me just as much, if not more. It's comforting to know that, due to the care taken in sourcing good quality material and hiring hardworking people, the pieces I invest in will last me a long time.

Stefanel certainly knows how to make their garments last. When talking to one of the shop girls, I was told about a loyal customer who recognised a dress that she'd bought 20 years ago. The brand designers sometimes like to recreate popular looks or bring back vintage favourites that never go out of style. Not only does this show that Stefanel are consistent and forever current, it is also a testament to the quality of their collections. The lady said that she still wore that 20 year old dress to this day and was glad to see that it hadn't gone out of fashion! How refreshing, too, to know of a brand that caters to women of varying ages; bringing luxury and and an understated sophistication to a wide variety of smart shoppers.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this Month-long feature on Stefanel, Italy. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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