Self Portrait

In Marylebone

It's such a pleasure to be able to get away from the country and go to London. As much as I love Bristol, it's great to surround yourself in the hectic buzz of London, especially when you're seeking inspiration. Those busy sounds, lights,'s like a drug. I'm fortunate to have a good girlfriend who lets me stay whenever I like...

Le Luxe, Cosy


I'd had this outfit for 4 months when we took a few shots during our stay at Babington House, the ambiance of the Somerset estate serving as the perfect backdrop to show off the clothes in their best light - which, by the way, is morning light! So warm was I that I could have explored the house and the grounds in lounge wear!

On Creative Freedom

The idea of creative freedom almost sounds like a redundancy. To be creative is to be free. It's why creativity is often so closely associated with personality - that is, one's right to expression. In fact, some artists are as well known for their open personalities as they are for their work...

Paris in Clifton

Citizen Cashmere, Black 

This ensemble was about that spring morning, when the coffee is calling but the day is shaping up to be so beautiful that you buy some flowers. I was going for feminine and effortless, but still sophisticated. I would definitely wear this out and about in said situation, especially somewhere like Paris...