The TLS, Emma Dabiri

Emma Dabiri, who is of Yoruba and Irish descent, has felt the effects of prejudice and fetishization from multiple sources. Her “Afro” hair, which has been “disappointing people since birth”, is often at the centre of the vitriol. When Dabiri was younger, she internalized the criticism of those who thought her “frizzy” hair did not match the expectations raised by her fair complexion. “The consensus [was] usually, ‘ahhh, what a shame!’” As a result, Dabiri tortured her scalp in the name of attaining “good hair”. She is not the only one: “entire industries”, she reminds us, “feed off our engineered insecurities to peddle products designed to interrupt our connection with ourselves”…

Video Content, HuffPost UK

“HuffPost Tests: Makeup Highlighters.”

THANDIEKAY, on Identity

“I think about identity a lot. The word itself implies strength. The notion of an ‘assured sense of self’ is, after all, an attractive one. However, for all of it’s clearly defined allure, I think identity, and identifying, can also make a person vulnerable…”

Esquire UK

Men’s fashion has never been in better health. As a global industry, it is forecast to outpace womenswear by 2022. Brands – from high street to high-end luxury – have become bolder and more adventurous in colour, pattern and shape…

Art UK, London & Van Gogh

Known (by locals, at least) as the greatest city in the world, London has, unsurprisingly, drawn artists from all corners of the earth to her. One of the more notable among these adventurous talents was a young Vincent Van Gogh (1853–1890), who came to live in the capital in 1873 aged 20…

ART UK, Centuries of Solidarity

“In Lorenzo Lotto’s (c.1480–1556/7) Portrait of a Woman inspired by Lucretia, it is clear the sitter wants us to know how she feels about Lucretia, a young woman who had, according to legend hundreds of years old…”

 Bristol 24/7, Native American Art

“Joanne Prince’s work as the visionary behind Rainmaker Gallery in Westbury Park – the showcase for contemporary Native American art in Bristol – is internationally recognised…”

Art UK: Does Sculpture Have to Be Abstract to Be Considered Complex?

Cathy Wilkes is a Glasgow-based Northern Irish artist who is representing Great Britain at the 58th Venice Biennale this year. Her famed sculptures and installations are not the most intellectually accessible – a deliberate effect the artist strives for in an attempt to preserve her work's authenticity on a viewer-by-viewer basis. Quoted on MoMa.org, Wilkes said there's 'no need for anyone to fully understand' her work.

The TLS, The Terrible

Yrsa Daley-Ward is known for her candid, pared-back poems. Her first collection, bone, touched on a wide range of subjects that had affected her, as a writer of Nigerian-Jamaican descent…” Click on the link above to read more.

ART UK: A fantasy of the black and the beautiful

“From minstrelsy to shadow-like figures in the background of otherwise striking works of art, black individuals have often been depicted using sweeping, marginalising imagery. This is not only an issue of a long-forgotten age, but of the alarmingly recent past…”

HuffPost UK, Style Writer

I was hired as the full-time freelance style writer and remained at the post for 8 months. My role involved sourcing news and writing daily articles, while also updating various social medias. I also had the pleasure of creating fun, viral videos. Click the link above to see my writer’s page.

ELLE Magazine

“You may love summer but alas your hair might not be so thrilled with the idea of styling in the heat. If you're blessed with afro or textured hair, then you’re already aware of the challenge we naturalistas face on a daily basis…” Click on the link above to read more.

Bristol 24/7, on Bristol

“I don’t miss Bristol because – since moving from my childhood city to the Big Smoke – I lack a sense of home I’d grown too accustomed to having. In some ways, the adoptive home that nurtured me creatively and academically may…”